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How Do I check Phone Activity from Gmail Account?

Gmail is the perfect to go emailing panel with numerous advantages and perfect features. There are many benefits that users of Gmail are benefited with and these are none other than its features, its services, its updates and so much more. Users of Gmail can enjoy their mailing and chatting on different devices also such like on android devices and on iPhone devices.

Gmail users can also dial Gmail customer service number for attaining immediate help if they require services and solution directly from the experts. Well, in order to go through the phone activity and check location and search history of your own, or of your partner, you must connect here with the experts or else follow the steps below:

Steps to check your or someone else’s Phone Activity from Gmail

  • Open your Gmail account
  • From the very left side on top where 9 dots are there
  • Just near to the DP icon
  • Go to my accounts
  • After this go to personal info and privacy box
  • Then go to manage your Google activity option
  • Then go to activity controls
  • Click on manage activity
  • Go to bundle view
  • Go to item view
  • Go to other options like delete activity
  • Other Google activity
  • Activity control
  • My account option
  • Help & feedback option
  • In the other Google activity go to my activity from there you can check whatever you want to
  • You will be able to see search history also (all the searches you have made from your devices on internet
  • You can go to the location history
  • Go to the device information

There is everything that you want to check and you get in your Gmail account. Users of Gmail can attain fastest recovery and immediate support for coming across all concerns persisting in Gmail. And they can also check their partners Gmail activity or anybody else’s if they have the password of Gmail. If the problem continues persist, just feel free to dial Gmail customer service number.

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