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How Do I Switch Between Versions of Yahoo Mail?

Are you using the old Yahoo classic mail and want to access New Mail? Or vice versa! Then there are several simple ways available that can help you with the easier accessibility of Yahoo account. Users of Yahoo mail can enjoy the accessibility most without any problem; they can also keep on switching between the two versions of Yahoo conveniently.

One can dial Yahoo mail phone number for attaining immediate help and support for all concerns in Yahoo platform, or else users can also follow certain easy steps for switching between two mailing platforms easily. Users can dial Yahoo customer service UK to receive help and support from professionals online.

Steps to switch between New Mail and Classic Mail

  • Click the Settings menu icon in Yahoo classic
  • Go to Settings menu icon in New Mail
  • Click Switch back to classic Mail
  • Go to switch back to classic Mail option
  • From the pull-down menu
  • Select the reason that you wish to switch back
  • Now enter feedback in the text field
  • Click the switch back to classic mail button
  • It will automatically switch to Classic Mail

These are the most easiest and convenient ways that can help you to switch between new Yahoo mail and classic mail. Well, many a time users also want to switch back to classic mail easily without any issue, in that aspect users can just simply depend upon us for help and support.

How to switch back to classic mail in yahoo?

  • In order to switch back to New mail
  • Click one click away from your upgraded mailbox message on the bottom left corner
  • It will automatically switch back to New Mail
  • After this just switch back to New Mail
  • Switch to Classic Mail from Basic Mail

If you are using the Basic version of Yahoo Mail

Now click on switch to the newest Yahoo mail in the upper right corner

After this switch to Basic Mail from Classic Mail

In the Full-featured version of Yahoo Mail

  • Hover your mouse over the settings menu icon
  • Go to select settings option
  • If you are using screen reader
  • You will want to select the settings menu icon in the top right corner
  • Click on settings from the drop down list
  • Click Viewing email on the left panel
  • Next to Mail version
  • Select Basic
  • Click the Save button

These are some of the easiest and ultimate steps that users can follow up to change their Yahoo mail versions from one to another. If any problem or concern persists, users can connect with the professionals anytime needed. One can dial Yahoo customer service Number UK for help. We are happy to help you.

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